Covidien Sure Care Plus Protective Underwear, X-Large (25 Pack)

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Sure Care Plus Protective Underwear is an ideal product for people who feel a constant urge to urinate or have bladder contractions followed by a loss of urine. It provides the wearer with dignity and discreetness which is important to live a normal, socially connected life. Covedian Sure-Care Plus Adult Incontinence Underwear offers moderate to heavy incontinence protection. It contains super polymer for optimum absorbency and odor control. Wide super absorbent gel core with regular absorbent offers concentrated protection where it is needed most. It gives the look, fit and feel of real underwear.

Sure Care Plus Protective Underwear Highlights

  • Underwear-like diaper for better quality of life
  • Tear away sides for easy removal
  • Cloth-like moisture barrier protects against leaks to keep clothing dry
  • Designed to be pulled on like regular underwear
  • Low-profile and discreet and can absorb heavily
  • X-Large 48"-66" 
  • Heavy Absorbency