Blood Pressure Kit - Single Head Stethoscope

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Designed to be an all-in-one kit for taking one's blood pressure. Convenient and economical

Dynarex Blood Pressure Kits include a single or dual-head stethoscope and an adult sphygmomanometer. The stethoscope is sleek, durable, and lightweight with a non-chill, anodized chest piece. It features 22" latex-free PVC tubing with an adjustable binaural. The 300mmHg sphygmomanometer is chrome-plated, easy to read and has an air-release valve. The stethoscopes, single or dual, are available separately, as are the sphygmomanometers in a range of cuff sizes.

  • Chrome-plated, precision-crafted, easy-to-read 300 mmHg gauge with air release valve.
  • Single or dual head stethoscope included.
  • Stethoscope is durable and lightweight with a non-chill, anodized chest piece.
  • Complete with leatherette zippered carrying case and operating instructions.
  • Includes: (1) Gauge, (1) Diaphragm(inside of gauge), (1) Valve, (1) Stethoscope Chestpiece, (1) Binaural, (1) Y-Shape Tube, (1) Cuff, (1) Bladder, (1) Bulb, (1) Bag